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"Shake, Rattle and Roll Comedy Showcase"

So, you think you are funny?  Think you have what it takes to be the 

Champion of Comedy in your City?  Have more confidence than that! To be crowned 

Champion of Comedy Of this Great United States of America?  

A true entertainer, comedian, actor & The Greatest WWE Intercontinental Champion of all time “The Honky Tonk Man” is touring the Country looking to crown the 2018/2019 LOWCO’ Champion of Comedy in each City! With the finalist in each Region competing to be crowned 2018/2019 USA LOWCO’ Champion of Comedy! 

Native TV & Movie Star Jonathan Joss

Jonathan Joss

 TV & Movie Star Jonathan Joss has joined the WWE Legends Honky Tonk Man's "Shake, Rattle and Roll Comedy Show"   You know him as John Redcorn from the animated hit series  King of the Hill, his role as Chief Ken Hotate in NBC's Parks and Recreation, the hit movie Magnificent Seven, plus much more! Don't miss Jonathan on stage along with WWE Legends The Honky Tonk Man, and WWE Hall of Fames Greg "The Hammer" Valentine for a hilarious and fun night of entertainment!  

WWE Legend The Honky Tonk Man

Looking back at the WWE Legend Honky Tonk Man's illustrious career to the sound of his hit song "Cool, Cocky, Bad" 


B. Ludwig — NJ Schools

" HTM did a fundraiser for a NJ school district January 26th this year. He was a HUGE hit not only with the kids but the parents, school staff,faculty . He showed up early extremely sociable with everyone. HTM signed autographs and took pictures with everyone even when being chased down on his way out and in the parking lot. Complete class act. My buddy & I chatted with him he was funny,entertaining and very interesting! We will definitely be looking to have him back again. I can't say enough about HTM & the Shake Rattle and Roll Show!!! !"

L. Walker — NY


"I saw Honky Tonk Man in Yorkville, NY. Very funny! Took his time and did a meet & greet before and after the show! I’ve seen a few other wrestling stand ups (Mick Foley and Jake Roberts) and Honkey had a Q &A and let us fans ask anything (something other shows don’t do).

Two days later, honky tonk man did a signing at larger than life comics and toys. It was a day before his birthday so my friend and I brought him a cake! He let me interview him for a article, told stories and had another great time! I hope the rhythm and blues tour comes upstate!"!"

S. Wilder — NY

" One of the best shows going. If you dont want the watered down version THIS IS A MUST. The Honky Tonk Man is fan friendly. Worth every penny !"

Local Comic? Want to enter the Comedy Showcase?

Be crowned the Champion of Comedy in Your City! Win $250

The Showcase is limited to 8 comedians.  ALL comics are eligible to    enter!  

It's simple, the first 8 comedians to sell 10 tickets is entered.  You will be 

provided a tracking link that is linked to you, anytime anyone purchases a ticket or tickets, your account will be credited.  The first 8 to sell 10 tickets, will get 10 minutes on stage.  

Its simple to enter!

    1.  Contact us below and let us know which City, or Cities you want to enter.

    2.  We will send you a link that is registered to you for selling tickets

         that tracks your ticket sells.  You send this link to anyone you want to sell tickets to.

    3.  If you want to enter in multiple Cities, we will send a link for each City you want to enter.

    4.  The first 8 Comics in each City that sell 10 tickets are in the Showcase

         with the opportunity to be crowned the Champion of Comedy in that City!  get a Trophy, and          take home $250 cash!  Don't wait if you want to get on stage!!

To enter use the Contact Us Form at the bottom of this page.

For Showcase questions please contact our MC & Showcase Director at:

Qualify for Regional Champion of Comedy Showcase

Be crowned Champion of Comedy in your City, be automatically qualifed for the

Regional Champion of Comedy Showcase!

Comedy Showcase Rules & FAQs

1.  Who can enter the Showcase?  Showcase is open to ALL Comedians

2.  How many can be in the Showcase?  Only 8 comics per Showcase

3.  Can I enter Showcase in more than one City?  Comics can enter in Showcases other than      their Home City.   No limit to the number of showcases entered

4.  Can I purchase the tickets myself? YES, you can purchase them to assure you are in the     Showcase,  then sell them, or give to your best Supporters!

5.  Can I get can in the showcase if I sell less than 10 tickets?

     The FIRST eight (8) Comics to sell ten (10) tickets are guaranteed in each Showcase.  If for      some reason eight (8) Comics do not sell ten (10) tickets, then it is based on the top eight     (8) selling Comics.  SEE OFFICIAL RULES

Comics in the Running - First 8 to 10 are in Guaranteed!


Lafayette, LA May 25, 2018

    The Wurst  Biergarten 

 Click on the Comics name to support & purchase a ticket in their name! 

Dallas, TX May 27, 2018

   Three Links (Deep Ellum) 

Click on the Comics name to support purchase a ticket in their name!

Upcoming Showcase!

Upcoming Showcase!

"Shake, Rattle and Roll Comedy Showcase" Dates

When and where is the Shake, Rattle and Roll Tour headed?

May 22nd 8:00PM: San Antonio, TX Improv Comedy Club at Rivercenter

Special Guest Jonathon Joss best known as the voice of John Redcorn on Fox's King of the Hill  For Tickets visit:  San Antonio Tickets 

May 25th 7:00PM: Lafayette, LA  The Wurst Biergarten

Special Guest Jonathon Joss best known as the voice of John Redcorn on Fox's King of the Hill  For Tickets: Lafayette Tickets

May 27th 3:00PM: Dallas, TX (Deep Ellum) Three Links

Special Guest Jonathon Joss best known as the voice of John Redcorn on Fox's King of the Hill  For Tickets: Dallas Tickets

June 26th Birmingham, AL: Stardome Comedy Club

Time & Ticket information soon!

June 27th 7:30PM: Nashville, TN  Zanies Comedy Nightclub

For Tickets: Nashville Tickets

June 28th 7:00PM Huntsville, AL  Stand Up Live

For Tickets: Huntsville Tickets

July 16th 7:00PM: Omaha. NE Omaha Funny Bone

For Tickets: Omaha Tickets

July 17th 7:30PM: Kansas City, MO Kansas City Improv

For Tickets: Kansas City Tickets

July 18th 7:30PM: West Des Moines, IA The Funny Bone Comedy Club & Restaurant 

For Tickets: West Des Moines Tickets

July 22nd 7:00PM: Phoenix, AZ Stand Up Live

For Tickets: Phoenix Tickets

Want to bring the "Shake, Rattle and Roll Comedy Showcase" to your City?

Casino/ Bar / Club Owner or Manager?

Team up with the Tour, and be the exclusive venue in your City to host the show!

It is a win/win for everyone, we have multiple tour packages, and the best part is, with our most popular package, you can't lose! contact us for more information.

Tour Agent: tom@shakerattlerolltour.com


Is your non-profit organization looking for a fun, exciting, and unique way to raise funds for your organization?  Contact us for information on how you can team up with the Tour, and earn funds for your group.

Comedy Show Autograph Signing Policy

Except for the Free Autograph Picture provided to the HTM VIP Ticket holder,

there is a Fee to autograph any and all items brought to the show.  Due to the selling of items autographed by some autograph seekers, this policy is strictly enforced.

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"Shake, Rattle and Roll Comedy Showcase"

Official "Shake, Rattle & Roll Comedy Showcase" Rules

  • To qualify for 10 minutes on the Showcase for entered City Guarenteed, contestant must be one of the first eight comics to sell a minimum of  ten tickets.  The tickets can be General Admission or VIP.
  • There will be a maximum of eight contestants for each Showcase.
  • The first eight contestants who sell ten tickets are guaranteed entrance into the Showcase.
  • If for some said reason 8 contestants do not sell the ten tickets required, then the top eight contestants who have sold a minimum of five tickets shall qualify for the Showcase. 
  • Pertaining to above Rule,  if eight contestants have not sold the minimum of ten tickets required to qualify,  the prize monies will be based on $5.00 per ticket sold by qualifying contestants up to $250.00.       
  • Each contestant who qualifies for a Showcase is allowed one free guest per Showcase.